Dear Dr Kavoussi,

In this day and age of patients being run through the doctor's office like automobiles on a factory assembly line, one is indeed fortunate to experience the expertise of a professional,  caring, knowledgeable physician.

You personify my description  of that individual. It's a blessing to know that  I can look forward to going to an eye surgeon without constant cancellayions, trying to avoid the inevitable pain, and emotional distress. You and your staff have my thanks for what could be a fearful experience to one of, well, let's say, almost pleasant. 


-Norman Malamud

Before I had my eye surgery i could not see the number's  on the building even to find the office. Now a whole new world has open to me. I pointed out and eagle across the Mississippi River to my father, now at 74 years old . He wants to have eye surgery too.

- Sherry Hayes 

The morning after surgery was the greatest. I couldn't sleep in thinking about seeing the world  without glasses or contacts, the first time since the 3rd grade. It was a wonderful experience.  There were no problems and no discomfort from that point on. I highly recommend Dr Kavoussi to anyone considering Lasik. 

- John Barrett

I would not change a thing. I don't wear corrective lenses anymore. I can choose the style of sunglasses i want. When i am working sweat doesn't get on my glasses. I enjoy not having to put glasses on, or looking for my glasses in the morning. I am more confident about my appearance. The service was and is fantastic. The nurses are friendly , courteous and even worked their schedule around mine. Thank you so much.

- Richard Dean II

I'm a outdoors-man . Since I had Lasik it has made me enjoy the outdoors even more. 

- Thomas  Todd

It was a very simple process. I am very pleased with the result. I am looking forward to doing and trying things i wouldn't or couldn't do easily wearing glasses. I'm very glad i had it done.

-  Patrick Robinson

I really appreciated the DR and staff walking me through the surgery. The beat helped. So far the results are good. I say good I mean, i couldn't see without my glasses and now i can. Still a little blurry , but it has only been two weeks. Would i do it again? Is it still worth it? YES

Thank you all.

-Sincerely Sandra Keith

I've had great success with Lasik Eye Surgery. I have also recommended Dr Kavoussi to a number of friends and coworkers . It's a life change operation.

- Brett Davis

The surgery was really not  what i expected, but it didn't last long. I can finally wear sunglasses without having to change from prescription glasses or contacts to wear them. I enjoy the freedom  to workout  without contacts or glasses. Being able to see at a distance without prescription glasses or contacts is wonderful. I love the freedom. 

" Super Experience" 

As a fireman driven by testosterone I don't like it to be known that i'm such a sissy about my eyes, but to be more effective at my job i thought it would be the best thing for me and the people who expect the best from me. You gave me the confidence to go though it. Thank you

- Kevin Keith

The surgery was painless and over with within five minutes per eye. The technicians did a great job of making me feel comfortable throughout the procedure. Dr. Kavoussi performed the procedure very professionally , describing what to expect each step of the way.

- Ron Gregory

 Having lasik surgery has been a dream come true for me. Dr Kavoussi and his staff made it so easy and kept me so informed. I recommend it to everyone and would do it again in a heartbeat. I never imaginied i could see so well.

-Lori Dale

After wearing glasses for 45 years I really enjoyed waking up the next morning after surgery and not searching  for them. It was a painless procedure and the results were fantastic. Dr Kavoussi is an excellent doctor. 

- Jim Crowney 


I was initially very apprehensive about having lasik surgery. However, Dr Kavoussi and his staff were not only reassuring but also knowledgable. The surgery itself and all the post operational check-ups and care were really quite a cinch. The results of the procedure (my Vision)  was astounding, and still is today. I would recommend Dr Kavoussi to anyone , and would do it again in a heartbeat. 

-Drew Clowney 

Worth every penny. Super Bowl Sunday in 2 days and will not need glasses to see the scores on the big screen tv.

-Roy Pearl

I couldn't be happier. I can see for the first time. The world is a beautiful place. It is also nice to be able to wake up and see the clock. I love my new found vision.

Praise God for technology and a wonderful doctor.

- Karen Collins

 I was recently evaluated at the military recruiting command and the results was 20/15 vision in both eyes.I find it easy to see anything and everything. I even outsee my father and he is a pilot for fedex.

-Hunter Jessen

When i came in I asked just to be able to see the lines on the road in case i lost or broke my glasses. I wouldn't be able to drive myself anywhere. I wanted to be able to see the soap in the soap dish in the shower, or be able to put toothpaste on my toothbrush. Simple things like that were beyond my poor vision range. Id i put my glasses in a new or different place I wouldn't be able to find them the next day , nor could do anything until i found them. I was chained to them. Now after surgery I'm free of glasses.

I've worn glasses since i was in the 9th grade. Lasik enabled me to play with my children in the pool and water settings without worrying about glare with the glasses or getting water in my contacts. It was great to be able to see the alarm clock without first putting on my glasses. I highly recommend Dr Kavoussi as his staff was patient and very acknowledgeable . I definitely will and have recommended this procedure to anyone wearing glasses or contacts.

Dear Dr. Kavoussi,

It will be 3 years on February 28th that you gave to me the true gift of sight.  I have been so thankful to finally be free and not dependent on glasses and contacts. I owe all of this to you.  Having Lasik surgery was one of the best decisions I've made, and I recommend to all!

Once again, thanks Dr. K.!! :)

Jennifer Childress

Dear Dr. Kavoussi,

Thank you for giving me my life back! Your kindness means the world to me.

Donna Cerrito